How do I create event categories?

Event categories make it very easy for ticket buyers to search through your many events on Ticketleap to find the one they want to attend. This search is done on your organization's landing page, where all of your events are listed. 

To create an event category first hover over Settings and then click Event Categories

Click Add A Category and then you will see Category and Option. Category is how you are organizing your events. Options are they different types of events within the category. For example, if you have events in many cities, your category is city and your options are the specific cities. This allows your ticket buyers to search your events by city. 

After you input the information be sure to Save Category

Next you need to assign an option to each event you want to be a part of the category. To do so go to the Details tab of the event dashboard and scroll down to Event Categories and click edit

In this example, my event is in Boston, so I am going to check off Boston. 

This means when the ticket buyers filters my events by events in Boston, this event will pop up!

Repeat this step for all of your events that you wish to be filtered by the category you set up. 

Here is how it will look on your organization's landing page:

Click View Filters

The list of options you created will appear.

When your ticket buyer selects the option they are interested in and clicks Filter, the event(s) you've assigned to it will appear.

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