What’s Changing with TicketLeap

We’re thrilled to share that an upgrade of TicketLeap is now available!  We’re entering a new era of ticketing to better serve you and your events in the long run! Curious what this means for TicketLeap? Explore the changes and differences you’ll see in our new system below.


Mobile-First Design

Experience a powerful mobile design and enterprise-grade performance to easily manage your events anytime, anywhere, with the simplicity you’ve come to expect from TicketLeap.

Improved Purchase Experience

Deliver a modern buying experience for your attendees with sleek event pages, video support for event descriptions, and automatic integration with Apple and Google Pay.

Ticket Exchanges

Did your attendees have a change of plans? No worries! Offer free exchanges to your attendees so they can attend another event instead, and you can resell the exchanged ticket!

Revamped Toolkit

Check out new tools to power your box office such as line-item sales tax, custom refund amounts, and voiding tickets without refunding them.

Organizational Unity

Empower others in your organization to help out with sophisticated role-based permissions so your team is constantly in sync.

Streamlined Finances

The updated TicketLeap system uses Stripe as its dedicated credit card processor (no longer supporting Paypal and Auth.net). In addition, credit card fees will now be assessed per order rather than per ticket.



  • Do I have to update right now?

  No, you do not have to make the update now, but it is an option for you.  If there is a feature or need you have, please contact us as it may not yet be available.

  • Is my buyer data transferred with the update?

Yes, your data will be transferred to your updated account all the way back from 2020 to now.

  • Can I stop the update process?

No, it's not possible to stop the update to your account once it’s been initiated. 

  • Can I still sell tickets on the original TicketLeap?

No, your events’ tickets will be sold on the updated version now. All your event listing links will redirect to this version.

  • How will payments work after the update? 

If you’re an event organizer who currently uses our merchant processor (TL Payments), then there will not be any changes to how your payments will be processed; however, you’ll still need to re-enter your bank account information. Payments will be made by direct deposit.  Checks are no longer available for payment method.

If you have been using PayPal or Auth.net to process your payments, you’ll need to set up an account with Stripe (our payment processor moving forward), enter in your banking information, and link that with your new TicketLeap account.

FastPay will remain in place with a few updates. The sales period is Saturday through Friday. Weekly payments will be issued on Tuesdays and hit your account on Wednesday. For refunds, an invoice for the refunded amount will be emailed to you.  Once the invoice is paid, our team will issue refunds.

  • Will fees be going up? 

No, our standard ticketing fees will not change. However, our reduced fee for tickets $5 and below is now $0.49 and our fee cap is now $20. Additionally, the 3% credit card fee will now account for all fees and taxes in its calculation, so there will be a small difference there. You can pass those fees to your buyers, so you still keep 100% of your ticket price.

  • Will I be able to sign into my old TicketLeap account once I update my account?

Once you’ve updated your account, you will not be able to access your old one. If you need to access something from your previous account after updating, please contact our support team. They will still have access to your former account for a limited period.

  • Any other important details I should know?

There are a few features still in development for the new TicketLeap, like emails campaigns and reserved seating. Our team is working hard to roll them out, but if you need to launch email campaigns in the meantime, please consider using a free email marketing service like MailChimp. The integration of live stream events and cloning has been removed from the updated version.

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