How do I complete an exchange?

First things first: We are always here to help but we won’t issue a refund without your permission. If a ticket buyer calls Ticketleap looking for an exchange, we will refer them to you, the event organizer.

You have several options to exchange tickets to an event, depending on how your event is set up.

Please note, if you are using reserved seating for your event you must go with option #2

#1 Check in the existing ticket and send a comped ticket

If you'd like to send an updated ticket without having to involve the buyer, you can issue a new ticket with a 100% discount code applied. With this method, you are sending the event goer a comped ticket. This works well if you have an unlimited inventory of tickets.

If you will be scanning tickets at your event, then after you send them a new comped tickets you need to check in the old tickets so the old tickets will not work if the buyer still tries to use them.

If the event is still upcoming you will need to adjust your inventory or capacity to accommodate for the tickets on the original date and time that won't be used now.

#2 Refund ticket

You can also refund the ticket and your event goer can redo their purchase with the correct tickets. We strongly recommend doing this is the new tickets are a different price from the old ones or if you are using reserved seating.

It takes a few business days for funds to post to the event goer’s credit card after issuing a refund and we found it is best to let event goers know this before you issue the refund.

Some event organizers make sure the new tickets are purchased before issuing a refund, to ensure they don’t put the event goer in a situation where the event they want to attend is sold out.

#3 Honor the original ticket

The first, and easiest thing to do is to honor the ticket on another date. This method works best for museums and attractions with ongoing ticket sales, but it might work for your event as well. If this is your policy, let event goers know if they can just show up anytime, or if they need to let you know what date they will attend. With this method, no refunds are issued and the ticket buyer doesn’t need to repurchase tickets. 


Whatever you choose to do, we think it’s a good idea to write your refund and exchange policy on your event page. This gives event goers confidence when they buy tickets and clarity when they want to exchange tickets.

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