Event capacity and ticket inventories

On Ticketleap there are two different ways to limit the number of tickets you sell. One way is to set an overall capacity for your event which limits the total number of tickets available for your event. You can also assign a specific inventory for ticket types which limits the number of ticket types available.

Please Note, if your event has more than one date and time you need to select the date and time that you're editing. To do that click on the dropdown arrow next to currently selected date and time and select the date and time you'll be editing.



Setting a capacity limits the total number of tickets available for the event. For example, if you can fit 100 people in your venue and you're not concerned with how many of each ticket types are purchased, you'd want to set your capacity at 100. 

To set capacity first go to the Events tab on your dashboard and then select Manage for the event you are setting a capacity for. 

Then click the Details tab and click edit next to the Capacity option. 

Set your event capacity to whatever you need and then click Save

Remember, you can always raise your capacity but you will not be able to lower the capacity to be less than the number of tickets you've already sold.

Ticket Inventory

The ticket inventory limits the number of a specific ticket type available. For example, if you have General Admission and VIP tickets, you may have a limited number of VIP tickets available. 

To set an inventory on a ticket type, go to the Details tab within your event dashboard. Then click Edit next to the ticket type. 


Go to More Options and click Limit Inventory. Here you will be able to limit the total number of tickets available for this ticket type.

Under the column named Left you will see how many tickets are available from your inventory. 

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