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We love hearing feedback from our customers! Your voices have made Ticketleap what it is today and continue to shape almost every change we make.

What happens with customer feedback and ideas?

When a customer offers feedback or an idea, our Customer Success team shares that feedback directly with our Product team so that we can either act on it or save it to inform future decisions. We’re a small, cozy team so this flow of information happens continuously. But we also have some structures in place to make sure we’re hearing and considering all feedback. For instance, we capture feature requests in our internal issue tracker, which offers visibility to the entire company. We also have a bi-weekly Customer team / Product team meeting to review issues and feedback.

Will my request be implemented?

Not all feature requests or ideas are implemented (contradictory as it may seem, that would make for a really difficult to use product!) but we can commit to you that each piece of feedback will be heard and learned from. When we design and build a new feature or product enhancement, we do so in an attempt to address a pattern of feedback or observation. Of course, our customer base is large and diverse (which is a beautiful thing) so one man’s improvement is another man’s… whatever the opposite of improvement is. We do our best to identify and implement the biggest upside improvements for the greatest number of users. Your feedback helps us immensely in this pursuit.

How are improvements made?

Most features and enhancements move through four stages:

  1. Requirements gathering and functional design
  2. UX and visual design
  3. Development (this is where we write the code)
  4. Development testing (this is where we test it like crazy to make sure it doesn’t break anything)

Even seemingly small changes -- for instance, a copy change -- tend to flow through all four stages. Usually, these are not four distinct, linear steps; a change will cycle back through previous stages as needed. For instance, we may test an improvement, find some issues, and kick those concerns back to stage 1, 2, or 3. Depending on the size and complexity of the change, this cycle can take a day or it can take many months.

This may seem like a ton of work for even small changes. Indeed, it is! We do it this way because we know our customers rely on the quality of our product and we know that skipping any of these steps will sometimes yield problematic changes in the product, or even major “bugs” or failures. In fact, even with these four steps in place, we’ll still occasionally make regrettable changes -- but we sure try hard to avoid it.

Got some feedback or an idea?

You can call (877-849-5327), email (help@ticketleap.com), or leave it here: https://help.ticketleap.com/hc/en-us/requests/new. We thank you in advance!

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