I entered the incorrect bank information. How do I fix it?

If you are using Ticketleap Payments as your payment processor and you have opted for direct deposit, you will need to enter your banking information. In a few business days you will receive a small test deposit in your account and you will verify your bank account.

If you have entered the incorrect banking information there are a few steps you will need to take in order to receive the small deposit in your correct account in order to verify your account. 

First, clear all of the information from the form. Then click Save Changes. This will start you off fresh. 

Then, enter the correct banking information. Once you are sure the information is correct click Save Changes. This will initiate a new test deposit to your correct bank account. It will take a few business days to see the deposit in your account. 

*Please note: you DO NOT have to wait until your bank account is verified to start selling tickets. You can sell tickets right away -- you just won't receive your funds from ticket sales until after your bank account is verified. 

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