How do I create a virtual or online event?

To create a virtual, online, or live streaming event, go to the EVENT tabs select Create A New Event. 



Enter the required information Steps 1 and 2.

For Step 3 (Location), in the location name field enter a brief description of the event (for example live stream or online concert). For street address, enter the name of the streaming service where your online event is taking place. For enter your current city, state and zip code. Entering your city, state and zip code will make sure that any calendar integrations the buyer is using will sync with the correct time zone.




Step 4- Enter the URL for the virtual event of the streaming service that you are using next to the date and time for the virtual event. Zoom, Facebook, Youtube, Vimeo and Twitch are the platforms supported through this integration.  If you do not yet know the URL, don't worry! You can add it later on after saving or publishing the event, but if you sell sales before adding the URL you'll have people that have purchased and gotten their emails with the stream option in them. Please note, you can add a different URL for every date of your event.

Example URL formats accepted:





Vimeo Livestream -

Twitch -



Complete Step 5 with the necessary information and hit Save As Draft or Publish Event. 

After you've created the event we recommend removing the option to have buyers print tickets for your event.

To do this, Please visit the the event home and then click on the Details tab.




On the details tab click the edit option next to your ticket type. Please note that you'll have to do this step for every ticket type you have.


When editing the ticket type it's recommended to enter a brief description of the ticket under more info and change the check-in option to reservation only. This is not required but is strongly recommended since you won't be physically scanning tickets for your event. When you're done editing click Save Changes.


You also have the option to restrict the number of times a buyer can access the waiting room/stream access page. To do this, Please visit the the Details tab and click on Advanced Event Settings. Then scroll down to the Stream Access Limit field and enter the number of times you'd like the buyer to be able to access the stream and hit save changes. Please note the access will default to 0 (Unlimited Accesses) and will not be limited unless there is a new access limit entered.

image (4) copy 5.png


Please note the buyer will have buttons to click, on their confirmation page and in the confirmation email after they've completed an order to access the event through the streaming URL you've provided.



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