How do I access the link for the virtual event I purchased?

If you've purchased a ticket to a live streaming or virtual event you can access the link to the live stream from your confirmation email or from the confirmation page after completing your order by clicking on the View Livestream button

Please note, if you don't see the View Livestream option, you'll need to contact the event organizer for information on how to access their event.








After clicking on the link to view your livestream you'll have to enter your access code, agree to the terms of service and click Start Watching. If you've accessed the URL directly from the confirmation email or page, your access code will automatically populate. Please note, your event organizer may have restricted the number of times you can access this stream page so it's recommend to not hit start watching until your event has started or is going to begin shortly.


If you've done this before your event has started, you'll be placed in a waiting room until the event begins. If your event is using a streaming service that requires a download (such as Zoom), you'll have the option to download the product while you're waiting.

Please note the below screenshots are for an example zoom event.



Once it's time for your event to begin, you'll see and then click on the Launch Stream option. You'll then be redirected to the streaming platform that your event organizer is using.


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