Creating a Timed Ticketing Event

To create a timed ticketing (time slots) event first go to the Events tab and select Create A New Event.

Please note, if your event will have more than 100 dates (meaning time slots or days) please contact our team at before creating your event so we can recommend the best setup for you.


Next, enter the information for steps 1-3 as normal. Then on Step 4 Dates enter the start and end of your first time slot. Then click +Add Another Date.


The system will create the new event date with the next calendar day and the time being the same as the previous but you can edit the date and time to whatever you would like by clicking in the respective fields. 

After you've entered all of your dates move onto Step 5 Ticket Types. Under this step you'll enter your ticket prices and inventory that you would like for each individual time slot. So if you'd like to sell 25 tickets per time slot you'll enter 25 in the Event Capacity field. If you need to enter a special ticket price you can do so by editing your ticket types after saving your event.

If you forgot to add a date before saving or starting sales, you can add or edit dates by going to your event's Details tab from the event dashboard and clicking on the dropdown arrow next to the first date and then clicking the Edit Dates option.


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