How can I set sales to start or end on a specific date and time?

On Ticketleap, you can set your sales to start and end on specific dates and times.

To do so, from the Event Home click the Details tab.

If your event has more than one date and time you need to select the date and time that you're editing. To do that click on the dropdown arrow next to currently selected date and time and select the date and time you'll be editing. Please Note, if your event has more than one date and time and/or more than one ticket type you may need to edit the ticket type individually for each date and time that you would like to update.


After you're on the correct date or if you only have one date for your event, find the ticket you'd like to edit, click Edit

In the window that opens up check the bubble that says Limit Sales Dates. Then enter the start time and/or end time when you would like tickets to be available for purchase and hit Save Changes or Update All Dates. If your event has more than one date and you hit update all dates then the system will make the update to all ticket types that already had the same name of the ticket type you're editing.

Please note, you can leave either the start or end time empty if you'd like. If you leave the start time empty then sales will start as soon as you publish your event. If you leave the end time empty sales will end at the conclusion of your event time.


After editing your ticket type you'll need to edit other ticket types if you'd like to restrict them also. Just follow the previous steps for every ticket option you'd like to restrict the sales dates for.

If your event is still a draft then return to the Event Home and hit Publish Event. Doing so will make the event live, but the ticket sales will still be restricted by the dates and times previously entered.

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